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3rd September 2010

So what is this blog about? Yet another blog by a self-centric fellow - you would say.

Well as I said on the links page, this is my single unified blog. It means I have discontinued writing on other blogs, which were mostly topic oriented. From now on I will continue writing on all those topics and more here.

But you ask - why?

And what will this blog cover?
As I said above, anything that I have in mind. The topics may range from accountancy and finance, to technology and internet, to photography, philosophy, politics, and anything else under the sun. I know, you may not be interested in everything that I blurt out here. Hence the tags. You can browse the blog by tags, and also subscribe to a particular one by adding the rss feed of that tag to your favourite reader (as if you didn't know this already ;).

There is one thing that you may see missing here, that is comments below the posts (or rather absence of it). One reason is, I believe, that comments are more like personal form of communication. So I have provided an email address below every post, where you can send me your comments. I will try my best to communicate with you (unless you are a spam bot). Another reason is that I didn't want to activate the dynamic webserver of my web-host (required for commenting feature) which would save me a few bucks a year - an important reason for a student with tight budget, you see. :)

What else can I say about this blog. Enjoy reading!

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