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Invoking Lord Ganesha
6th September 2010

Vakratunda Mahakaaya
Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Deva
Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada

Meaning: Curved trunk, a mighty body, beholding the magnificence of millions of suns, Oh Lord, I pray to you, to remove all the obstacles from all the actions I intend to perform.

If you happen to be at any Hindu pooja or an auspicious event/gathering, you will invariably hear the recital of above shloka at the beginning. The meaning above is a crude translation of it (from my very little knowledge of Sanskrit, and what I learnt from my mom and at various religious discourses.

It is an invocation of Lord Ganesha who is also known (among various other names) as Vighnaharta, that is, demolisher of all obstacles. At the beginning of any (good/auspicious) work, we recite this shloka to praise Lord Ganesha, and to pray to Him to remove all obstacles from the task at hand.

By now, you must have understood the context of this post. Though this is not technically the first post, since the blog actually begins from here, lets all praise Him and pray to Him to bestow His blessings.

From this weekend, begins the 11 day Ganesh Festival (from the 4th till the 14th day of Hindu month of Bhadrapad) celebrated by Hindus across the world, especially the western parts of India. I will try to do a post on the same with pictures of celebration in our locality. Till then, stay tuned.

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